Sunday, November 6, 2022

Italy - part 1

I'm away on a new trip - this time almost 2 weeks in Italy

Italy - here I come

This is the best welcome you can get arriving at the hotel
My first night is at Rho - near Milano. There is a train station nearby obviously

Real Italian pizza is best served in Italy

Freight trains passing by in Rho

Next day, it is clear blue sky

Not sure where I can find busy freight traffic on a weekend, I'll give it a try at Pontenure station
This is the railway between Milan and Bologna
After waiting for quite a long time I can spot one freight train here
483 105

A lonely Class 189 at Castione Dei Marchesi

Parma station

Solaris Trollino 12 in Parma

On the following day I'm heading north
Piadena station

Visiting Lonato 
One of the most beautiful stations on the route Milano-Verona is also the least used. There are only few trains stopping here
The explanation is that the line between Brescia and Verona is very busy with all types of trains

That includes the freight train, which I came to see here
191 045, GTS - General Transport Service S.p.A.

GTS Rail has names on each of their locomotives

483 305, Captrain Italia S.r.l.

Michel Verscheure Transport

Only one departure today, and it's with a bus

Giruno train from Zurich to Venice

191 020 is taking a side track

Not far away from Lonato is the Castelnuovo del Garda station, also with few departures
But a good train spotting location
193 675, Adriafer S.r.l.

Nearby is a place called Interporto Quadrante Europa
Quadrante Europa derives from the position immediately south-west of the intersection between the Brenner and Turin - Trieste railway lines and immediately north-east of the intersection between the Modena - Innsbruck and Milan - Venice motorways, which thus constitute two Cartesian axes, is used for the entire nodal area, which today also sees the presence of the fruit and vegetable market. The Quadrante Europa is the ideal meeting point for road, rail, and air freight transport, as it is also connected to the Verona-Villafranca airport. From here, goods traffic coming from or going to northern Europe pass through the Brenner pass, and traffic from and to France and Spain for Eastern European countries. According to the data of the 2019 ranking drawn up by Deutsche Gvz-Gesellschaft mbH, the Veronese interport is the most important in Italy and the second in Europe after the Bremen interport . (Wikipedia)

191 034, RTC - Rail Traction Company S.p.A.

1293 069, ÖBB-Produktion GmbH

Hello there

What are they giving them here...

494 212, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

494 574, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

191 004, InRail S.p.A.

EU43 - 003, Lokomotion (FS Class E.412)

On the roof of my hotel tonight in Verona

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