Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Italy - part 3

The sun is not always shining in November in Italy either
I'm visiting Tombolo station located on the line Livorno-Pisa

Nearby is Pisa airport
The station is not in use, so there are no passenger trains stopping here

Nearby is also a military base

483 307, Captrain Italia S.r.l. on its way to Livorno

I'm on my way further down the coast to visit some other stations
The Port of Livorno is one of the largest Italian seaports and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea, with an annual traffic capacity of around 30 million tonnes of cargo and 700,000 TEU's. (Wikipedia) TEU-The twenty-foot equivalent unit 


Here comes a real beauty


Warm temperature for November

On my way back to Viareggio
The harbour of Viareggio in the evening

The next day I'm heading north of Viareggio towards La Spezia

Forte dei Marmi Seravezza-Querceta


Only passenger trains today, seems that the freight train drivers are taking a day off on a Sunday 

Vezzano Ligure

ETR 485

At La Spezia Migliarina I can spot some freight trains but they are not moving
La Spezia is the second-largest city in the Liguria region, after Genoa. Located roughly midway between Genoa and Pisa, on the Ligurian Sea, it is one of the main Italian military and commercial harbors and a major Italian Navy base. (Wikipedia)

Now that I'm with a car, I have a chance to see Cinque Terre from a different view


Back in Torre del Lago
483 105, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.

FS Class 444 - a classic Italian locomotive
444 046 belongs to Fondazione FS Italiane, and it is used for tourist trains

The train has some very old wagons

494 024

652 094

483 016, Captrain Italia S.r.l.

Rich wildlife here in Viareggio

Famous train delays here in Italy
Fast freight train at Viareggio

So, I'm on my way again to a new relocation
This time, again northbound - here stopping by at the Firenze-Bologna railway

The nature here looks completely different from the coast area, here I feel more like I'm in Sweden

Bologna-Milano railway has many freight trains during the weekdays
191 001, InRail at Anzola dell'Emilia

494 555, Dinazzano Po

Samoggia station
Some high-speed trains are still taking the classic railway despite the new high-speed line located just a few meters away

193 524, SBB Cargo International

652 146

Intercity Notte

483 051, GTS

483 058, GTS Rail

Here is the high speed line

494 022

405 018

191 042, InRail

SBB train on the way to Bologna
Giruno train is not certified for the high speed line

I'm more than happy seeing this much freight train, but the weather could have been a bit better

RFI train

Taking the highways in Italy can sometimes look like this - the right line is occupied by trucks. Why not move all these trucks on the rail?
Arriving at Mori where I'll spend some days now

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