Friday, November 11, 2022

Italy - part 2

Italian journey continues
Roverbella station at Verona-Mantova-Modena railway line

The railway has a single track with two tracks at the stations. A freight train has to stop at the side track, thus blocking the road for cars
494 211

Veronesi grain train - to make more pasta

Regional train on the line

Buttapietra station at the Verona-Bologna line
Eurocity Brennero train heading to Bologna

191 103, InRail

ATR 110 is a Stadler GTW

FS Class ALn 668. Swedish version Y1 is based on this model

Italian air force

Italian food is both healthy and beautiful

Casteluovo del Garda once again

483 012, Medway Italia S.r.l.

1HMM from South Korea

474 201

FS Class 652

494 027

494 034

494 003

652 120

652 125

494 018

From Verona I'm heading south west
I will stay in Viareggio for some days now
This time I'm greeted by these creatures
The beach in November

Pizza Margherita

The railway in Viareggio is Pisa–La Spezia–Genova

Torre del Lago-Puccini station

483 317, Medway Italia S.r.l.

652 103

483 107

652 079

494 508, Captrain


Sunset at the beach

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