Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ockelbo, Kilafors, Ljusdal

Another sunny day and I'm heading to the north for some trainspotting.
 The train station is basically empty

 X51 9010 at Gävle
 My first stop after Gävle is Ockelbo

 The railway to the right is for Storvik, to the left for Gävle
 Train 9114 from Luleå to Borlänge

 Re 1423, Traxx F140 AC2
 Re 1428

 X52 9043

 Runestone from 1000 CE
 Ockelbo church


 Still some snow here

 Taking the next X-trafik train to Kilafors
 Almost nobody onboard

 Train 5907 to Hallsberg

 Rd2 1034
 Rc4 1170 and Rd2 1096

 Train 9124 to Luleå
 Mb 4004 and 4003

A beer at local pub

 Train 9244 from Åby to Vännäs
 Rd2 1081 and 1104

 The recently upgraded railway between Kilafors and Söderhamn

 Hanebo church


 Train 9102

 Train 83

 Train 41919

 185 711-0 Traxx F140 AC2

 Train 9666 to Ånge

 SJ Intercity service from Ljusdal to Linköping operated with X40

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