Thursday, March 19, 2020

Långsjön, Ryggen, Långshyttan, Byvalla

In the current situation with Corona, I've decided to travel by car and only to places where the contact with people is minimal.
 First stop is at Storvik
 Train 45970 from Norway to Gävle

 Rc4 1196 and Rc4 1188

 Train 5921 Ånge-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1279 and Rc4 1309

 X40 train to Gävle

 Due to railway works at the line Gävle-Ockelbo, this train has to take this route and change direction here in Storvik
 Not far from Storvik is the Långsjön
 Two Tåg i Berglagen trains are meeting here in Långsjön

 X51 9025

 Train 5784 Borlänge-Gävle

 Rd2 1136
 Rc4 1254
 Re 1424

 Train 9115 Luleå-Borlänge
 Travel time of this train is 16h32min
 Re 1427 and 1436, aka Traxx F140 AC2


 Train 9650 Mora-Gävle

 Rd2 1097 and Rc4 1296

 At Långshyttan I can find the remnants of the old railway
 The narrow-gauge railway opened in 1893 and was closed in 1964

 Stjärnsund station
 Byvalla-Långshyttan railway


 Train 5909 Ånge-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1192 and 1285

 Train 41801 Ånge-Frövi

 243 118 Vectron
 142 110 from Hectorrail

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