Sunday, March 8, 2020

Varberg, Helsingborg

On the previous day, I took the night train from Duved - this time I'm not arriving in Stockholm but in Göteborg instead.
 The night train is split in Sundsvall where one part of continuing to Stockholm, the other to Göteborg.

 When I wake up, the train is passing by Laxå.


 The black wagons are coming from Duved, the grey ones are coming from Luleå

 Rc6 1395
 It is announced as the train that arrived from Luleå
 My next train will take me to Varberg

 The construction of the new station and tunnel in Varberg has already started
 This is how it will look



 I will now continue the journey to Helsingborg, where I will take the Intercity train back to Stockholm



 Restaurant in a train

 From winter to spring in less than 24 hours.
 Here in the south of Sweden, it is a warm and sunny day

 Ferries to Denmark

 Taking a walk at Landborgspromenaden

 It's definitely spring time here


 The old train station is now a restaurant

SJ has set up two new Intercity lines on weekends between Stockholm and Malmö/Göteborg
 Malmö-Stockholm line operates through Helsingborg and Nyköping, two stations which are not served by X2 trains
 Rc6 1414



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