Saturday, May 4, 2019

Runsala, Vretstorp, Hasselfors

Checking out my favourite spots in Närke
Near Laxå
The old railway crossing has been upgraded

Morning Tågab train 7060 to Stockholm

Water tower in Laxå

New/upgraded railway between Hallsberg and Mjölby
Train 38428 from Malmö to Falköping here spotted in Runsala/Dunsjö
241 008 "Gallore" is a Traxx F140 AC2 from Hector Rail
Usually this train is taking a shorter way, but due to railway construction between Göteborg and Herrljunga it took this way today
Samskip is now operating several lines together with Hector Rail: Katrineholm and Falköping

The new railway (to the right) and the path of the old railway (to the left)

Old railway keeper house once stood here

Tåg i Bergslagen train between Gävle and Mjölby near Jakobshyttan
X51 9015

A squirrel with a baby

Train 4911 from Umeå to Nässjö near Joxtorp

Rc4 1173

I'm exploring the area near Vretstorp

Observation tower in Vretstorp

Train 5566 from Sävenäs to Hallsberg near Linddalen
Rm 1259

SJ Intercity to Karlstad

Rc6 1418
X40 near Laxå



Some videos from the same spot

Remains from Myrhult "banvaktstuga" railway keeper house
Location is between Laxå and Hasselfors

A fox is trying to cross the railway

Train 70349 from Hallsberg to Grums

Rd2 1079

Lake Toften

SJ Intercity Karlstad-Stockholm
Rc6 1386

Near Hasselfors I can spot the next Stockholm-Karlstad train
Rc6 1378
A11 1st class coach in this Intercity train

Train 70356 Kristinehamn-Hallsberg
Railcare TMY 1122

Train 47336 Kristinehamn-Storå
Rc2 007

Meeting of trains 645 Stockholm-Karlstad and 40018 Kil-Värtan in Svartå

243 001 Vectron from Hector Rail


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