Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kristinehamn, Skattkärr, Degerfors

In the morning next day I can spot these maintenance vehicles at Svartå station.

 A house is burning

 Lake Vänern

 Kristinehamn and Picasso statue

 Kristinehamn railway yard is like a railway museum - one can find almost anything here. Here is Z70 734 and Z71 707.
 SJ Dg 349

 TMY 101 and Rc2 001

 Train 62458 Karlstad-Kristinehamn

 T44 322 near Ölme

 Train 600 Karlstad-Stockholm
 Rc6 1418

 Train 603 Stockholm-Karlstad at Skattkärr

 Rc6 1342
 Train 5661 Hallsberg-Grums

 Rc4 1264
 Train 7034 Öxnered-Stockholm

 Rc3 1040

 Train 62567 Kristinehamn-Kil
 Same Td 322 I saw earlier

 Train 57034 Karlstad-Falun

 Rc3 1062

 Visiting Alsters herrgård - The memorial estate of Gustaf Fröding
 "Alsters herrgård is a traditional Swedish 18th century manor house, situated in beautiful natural surroundings, overlooking Lake Vänern. In 1860, the great Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding was born here. The manor is situated eight kilometres east of Karlstad." (

 A cafe with style

 At Degerfors Kulturcentrum Berget it is possible to view animals

 Train 27035 Karlstad-Göteborg (via Laxå)
 X10 3201
 Degerfors station
 Painting of the station cat Sigge. Unfortunately Sigge died in 2018 when a train hit him. Sigge was a famous cat and even appeared in the news.

 Train 8936 Charlottenberg-Örebro
 X52 9081
 Train 7041 Stockholm-Göteborg

 Rc3 1066

 Train 617 Stockholm-Oslo
 Rc6 1393

 Train 644 Karlstad-Stockholm
X55 3745

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