Sunday, May 26, 2019

Laxå, Degerfors

Today I'm visiting Laxå and Degerfors.
Laxå station viewed from the other side of the railway

Ålands kanal in Laxå
X2 train from Göteborg to Stockholm
The location is to the west from Laxå, the place is called Ålandsberg

X74 from Stockholm to Göteborg

I'm now located to the east of Laxå, at Klämma

X55 from Karlstad is changing from Värmlandsbanan to Västra Stambanan railway

Tågab train from Karlstad to Stockholm

Rc3 1057 from Beacon Rail. This locomotive is available in H0 scale as a Märklin model train

Train 48600 from Hasselfors to Fliskär (BillerudKorsnäs paper industry)
By the way it is same timber train I saw the day before loaded in Hasselfors, now it is on the way from Hasselfors

Rc2 007
It has been a bit windy recently...
Train 62301 from Kil to Gävle

Rc4 1140, T43 230 and WL5DE

Blå tåget train 7076 and 143 054 (Rc3)

SJ Intercity
Rc6 1407

Train 9052 Sävenäs-Borlänge

Rd2 1105

Stora Enso monster containers

Train 73016 Åmål-Herrljunga-Hallsberg-Kristinehamn


Train 45946 from Norway to Frövi

Rc4 1315 and 1251

STR Tc 9506 is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive manufactured by Nydqvist & Holm AB in 1969

Ölsboda herrgård
Train 27035 from Kristinehamn to Göteborg
X10 3201 is one of the three trains purchased by Tågab from SL

Not sure what it is - seen at Degerfors station
X53 9049 at Degerfors

Tågab train I saw earlier today near Laxå is returning from Stockholm

In the cafe at the Degerfors station there is this picture of the former station building

This rabbit is living a dangerous life on the tracks

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