Friday, May 24, 2019

Hova, Forshem, Vara, Degerfors

During all weekends in May this year I'm visiting Närke and surroundings. This weekend I will visit Kinnekullebanan railway and places around Örebro. 

On Thursday evening I spot this train 48304 from Vislanda to Kristinehamn.

Rc2 008

Train 71900 from Herrljunga to Kil, operated by Infranord
Passing by Degerfors stationR

Friday turns to be a rainy day, but it does not stop me. Today I will also have a company from a railway interested friend.
Hector rail freight train passing by in Laxå
143 046 and 143 061 are the former Rc3 locomotives

Rc4 1160 in Laxå

Another Hector Rail, this time 143 054 and a passenger train, Blå tåget

A freight train was stopping here in Laxå to let Blå tåget pass

Today I'm spending my day by travelling along Kinnekullebanan between Gårdsjö and Håkantorp
Y31 1418 and 1400 at Hova station

Y31 1413 in Mariestad

Y1 is a rarity on Swedish railway today. Only Inlandsbanan and some heritage railways are still using them.
Y1 1272
Y31 1413

New and old

Kinnekulle mountain with a highest point of 306m asl
Lake Vänern seen from Kinnekulle

Blomberg station

Järpås station

Y1 1413 arriving to Stora Levene

X14 at Älvsborgsbanan
Håkantorp is the station connecting non electrified Kinnekullebanan with electrified Älvsborgsbanan

Vara station

X14 3240

Y31 and X14 at Vara station

Later same evening in Svartå - no more rain
Train 5662 Grums-Hallsberg is waiting for a passenger train
SJ Intercity to Stockholm

Degerfors ironworks - today part of Outokumpu Stainless
Railway bridge over Letälven

Train 45981 from Frövi to Norway
Rc4 1251 and 1315

SJ Intercity from Stockholm
Rc6 1372
Train 45966 from Norway to Hallsberg
Rc4 1303

Train 71610 from Trelleborg to Norway

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