Saturday, May 25, 2019

Linddalen, Örebro, Hovsta

It was raining a lot the day before, but today it is sunny all day. I'm visiting surrounding near Örebro.
First, a short stop at Hasselfors, where a train carrying timber is already loaded

SJ Intercity train in Hasselfors

Munkastigen is a 40km long pilgrim trail between Riseberga and Olshammar. It is passing here in Hasselfors
Linddalen had once a banvaktstuga (railway keeper's house).
Viby hembygdsförening (local association for keeping the traditions) has put up this sign reminding of the history.
X74 passing by Linddalen

About 1km north of Linddalen, is a place for another former banvaktsstuga - Gruvan


SJ Intercity


Train 70389 from Falköping to Malmö
143 048 and 143 061 from Hector Rail

X40 in Vretstorp
X55 in Vretstorp
X2 in Vretstorp

Train 5561 Hallsberg-Sävenäs

Rc4 1306

A landmark in Örebro is Svampen which is a water tower constructed in 1958
It is possible to go up and view Örebro from a height of 58m

Lake Hjälmaren

Close to Svampen is a former military regiment I 3/Fo 51 which was used by the military between 1815-2000. Today the building are used for residences, school and offices.

There are names on some of the entrances - here is Narva
Here is Kliszow but it's hard to see now
SJ Centralverkstad (central workshop) was once located here in örebor
The grand entrance can still be viewed here

Since 2002 the whole facility is operated by Euromaint

Lillån/Gryt just outside of Örebro
Once there was a small station here in Lillån


Unknown train, but most probably from Eskilstuna to Göteborg
Rc4 1164 from Nordic Re-Finance

Train 49550 from Stockaryd to Timrå
Operated by CFL
187 400 is a Traxx F160 AC3 LM



Blå tåget passing by near Örebro. Since the timetable change in December 2018 this train is taking a new route through Västerås
143 054, Rc3

Near Adolfsberg (southern Örebro) there is an animal cemetery

I'm visiting Närkes Marieberg which was a train stop long time ago

X40 near Marieberg/Mosås


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