Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Frankfurt to Berlin

2017-12-10: I'm continuing with my summer 2014 trip, today I leave Frankfurt and head to Berlin
 I'm taking ICE train, here passing by Fulda station where Alstom Coradia Lint DMU are seen.
 It's still raining during almost all the route to Berlin

 As the train entering East Germany, the rain is replaced with sunny weather

 The train has arrived to Berlin
 Eurocity to Poland

 Night trains to Moscow departs from Berlin

 The view from hotel room at Kurfürstendamm street

 Exotic birds at Aviary garden at Neue Kranzler Eck

 Anhalter Bahnhof damaged during the war and closed in 1952
 If I would be travelling from Frankfurt to Berlin 100 years ago I would arrive to this station

 Potsdamer platz
 The view from Panoramapunkt

 Berlin wall


 Trabant safari

 East Berlin

 Karl Marx


 Berliner Dom
Berliner Schloss under re-building

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