Monday, July 7, 2014

Düsseldorf to Frankfurt

2017-12-06: Sorting my old photos, this trip was made summer 2014. After visiting Netherlands, and Wuppertal, I'm heading from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt in Germany.
 Before my train from Düsseldorf I have time to visit the town once again.


 Siemens Combino NF8U tram
 Düsseldorf main station is Germany's 4th busiest
 Long distance trains are operating all Germany and other countries, here is a train to Switzerland.
 DB Class 422 from Alstom/Bombardier
 Intercity train with DB Class 120 locomotive


 DB Class 643 (Bombardier Talent DMU) here used by Regiobahn GmbH

 I'm taking ICE3 train to Frankfurt
 Driver's cabin in the back of the train

 High speed line from Köln to Frankfurt allows speed of 300km/h

 I have arrived to Frankfurt

 Impressive Frankfurt main station

 Old and new

 European central bank is located in Frankfurt

 Frankfurt has 14 of Germany's 15 skyscrapers (buildings at least 150m). I on the roof at one of them.

 Stock exchange

 MuZeil shopping mall

 Main river

 Reconstructed (1981–1984) six houses at the east side of the Römerberg which were destroyed in World War II.
 Frankfurt U-Bahn
 U2 railcar from 1970's

 Friedrich Schiller statue
 The original opera house in Frankfurt is now the Alte Oper (Old Opera), a concert hall and former opera house in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was inaugurated in 1880 but destroyed by bombs in 1944. It was rebuilt, slowly, in the 1970s, opening again in 1981. (Wikipedia)

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