Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amsterdam to Dusseldorf

(Please note this post was made 2017-04-04). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached my summer trip of 2014. During the July, I've travelled two times to Amsterdam, first by plane, second time by train. In this post I'll cover my tip from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf.
 This was actually the start of my first real train adventure in Europe, by taking ICE train from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. I have planned to travel by trains through Frankfurt to Berlin later on this trip.
 DB and NS ordered special version of ICE3 train which was named ICE3M (M for multi system), and they have been operating the line between Amsterdam and Cologne/Frankfurt from 2000.
 It has been a sunny weather through my visit in Amsterdam, but now it has become rainy.
 I'm not taking ICE-3M train yet, first I'm heading to Utrecht for a visit, but I will catch up with my ICE train there.

 It's an NS Intercity VIRM train
 Amsterdam ArenA
 Utrecht station
 NS Sprinter Lighttrain (SLT)

 I'm now on the way from Netherlands to Germany, just as I though I would hardly note when the border has been passed
 By seeing this flag I can recognise where I am
 The train is modern with electronic displays

 This was my seat in 2nd class

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