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(Please note this post was made 2017-04-04). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached my summer trip of 2014. During the July, I've travelled two times to Amsterdam, first by plane, second time by train. The first trip went through Copenhagen which I will show here.
 It was a train trip to Copenhagen, first with X2 train to Malmö, then with X31 to Copenhagen. Here I am passing on the Öresund bridge.
 Getting off at Kastrup airport station, which at 2014 was still an open station (without ID controls).
 Kastrup is the first stop in Denmark after the bridge

 The station is just next to the airport terminal
 From the airport there is a metro line to the city centre
 Incredible driverless metro in Copenhagen
 This was not my first time in Copenhagen, but this time I could explore some suburb areas of the town

 Here is red square at Superkilen park area
 The project is part of an urban improvement plan coordinated by the City of Copenhagen

 Red square

 Nørrebro station

 Sortedams Sø

 Vor Frelsers Kirke, which I'm planning to climb up to

 It's a nice view of the bridge from here

 Inside the church

 Nearby is Freetown Christiania
 Photographing is actually not allowed here

 Taking the metro to a more modern suburb
 The metro in Copenhagen opened as late as 2002-2007
 I'm taking M2 line to Vestamager
 In April 2008, the Copenhagen Metro won the award at MetroRail 2008 for the world's best metro.

 The rolling stock is of type AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
 Vestamager is one of the new districts in town
 Den Store Udveksler by Hein Heinsen, 2005

 One of the most spectacular buildings in the discrict

 "8 tallet" (i.e. the number 8) designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
 It is possible to walk in and around the sctructure

 Even here it is possible to view the bridge

 Amager Ark by Alfio Bonanno

 Avedøre Power Station
 Field's - second biggest shopping centre in Denmark and one of the largest in Scandinavia.

 ”Fremad” by Harvey Martin

 Moving on to the next destination - Carlsberg museum
 Carlsberg group is the fifth largest brewery group in the world.

 The museum has it's own mermaid

 Frederiksberg Slot and the tower at the København Zoo

 S-tog commuter trains of type Litra SA manufactured by Alstom/Siemens
 Double deck coach of type Bombardier Twindexx (Litra ABs)

 Next is the Amager Strandpark with a 2km long artificial island created in 2005

 The beach offers great view of Öresund strait, with landing planes to Kastrup airport

 Turning torso tower in Malmö can also be viewed from here

 Kastrup Søbad

 The beach is easy accessed by metro
 Last but not least is the famous Tivoli amusement park

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