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Alingsås, Vara, Varberg, Göteborg

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-13). Day 2 of my summer trip to Europe via Göteborg and Malmö. Today I'm travelling around Västra Götaland region, with a "Regionen runt" day ticket. The price today is 305SEK, I think it was cheaper back in 2014. It's a perfect ticket to explore towns around Göteborg, valid on all trains and buses.
 Starting my morning at the Göteborg central station. The station is an important hub for trains in west Sweden.
 X2 and X31
 Öresundståget is heading towards Copenhagen.
 My first train today is SJ Regional to Alingsås. It's a service to Stockholm, but I'm just travelling one stop. Regionen runt card is valid on SJ Regional.
 Taking X40 SJ Regional to Alingsås, just 30 min away from Göteborg.
Alingsås is the end station for commuter trains from Göteborg and the first stop for Regional and some High Speed trains. Here is one regional Västtåg train from Skövde (X53).

 Alingsås is a small picturesque town and the train station here opened 1857.
 Plantaget - city park

 Norra ringgatan
  Alingsås is known as the densest cafe town in Sweden.
 There is also one teddybear museum.

 Train station building.

 Commuter train X61.
 Some X2 high speed trains make a stop in Alingsås.
 Some other don't

 Västtåg pendeltåg to Göteborg from track 0.

 Publicity for "Piratpartiet", inviting people to share...
My next train is a diesel train Y31/Y32 from Göteborg to Vara.
 Y31/Y32 window
  Y31/Y32 is operating here service to Mariestad.
 Operated by Arriva
 Service is named "Kinnekulletåget"
 I get off in Vara

 Älvsborgsbanan from Borås to Uddevalla.
 Vara station painted by german artist Katharina Grosse.
The project is named "The Blue Orange".
"Blue orange" was created 2012, it has 5 sculptures except the painted house.
 One of the sculptures is on the other side of the railway.
Another piece of art in Vara, is this sculpture "Resande".

Perhaps the parking sign should have other colour than blue here.
Vara station viewed from Drottninggatan
X52 from Västtåg is approaching Vara Station.
This will be my next train to Varberg. This line is using Älvsborgsbanan and Viskadalsbanan from Uddevalla to Varberg.
The line is operated with X52 or X14 trains
Here in Herrljunga the line is crossing the Västra stambanan railway.
X14 to Uddevalla
At Herrljunga station a pair of X2 stops.

Even though X52 (Regina) trains has a electric power socket, it is not easy to charge a phone without making it fall when train is breaking. It would be better to place it in the wall, or at the seats.
From Herrljunga to Borås, on the way passing through Ljung station.
Fristad station.
Even thought the temperature on 26th of July was about 30C, the clouds were present, and it would be a heavy rain later that day.
Knalleland station
Passing by Borås
Finally arriving at Varberg station.
Varberg is located at the North sea.

Varberg station. I'm now completing my circle by returning back to Göteborg with Öresundståg.
During my way back it started to rain
Arriving from Varberg to Göteborg by Öresundståg. Tropical rain at the Göteborg central station.

Good way to clean all trains
X2 bound for Copenhagen
Back in 2014, Blå tåget was hauled by Siemens Vectron locomotive
Rented from Railpool/Northrail

Blå tåget (Blue train) company is operating old fashioned trains between Stockholm and Göteborg.
Time for some ice cream
My last trip that day is another station in Göteborg - Gamlestaden opened 2012.
 The station Gamlestaden is one of many new station along the upgraded railway to Trollhättan.
Here is X52-3 for service Göteborg-Vänersborg

Öresundståget is approaching Göteborg.
Göteborg central station viewed from my hotel.

View from the restaurant at my hotel
Dinner is served

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