Thursday, February 16, 2023

Slovenia - part 3

More from Slovenia, this time only from Dolgi Most and Tivoli stations
Dolgi Most is a new station, it was opened in 2018
363 024 from Koper

Trains with direction Ljubljana is using both tracks on this section, in order to speed up the congestion due to the single track section near Brezovica

It looks like there is a portion of trains all coming from same direction before they let trains in opposite direction use the railway
541 020
Dolgi Most station has a large parking for cars and a bus station. For the time being, due to railworks there is reduced passenger train service so there are not many people using this station

541 014 

Toyota Transport
Class 342 with a Eurocity train to Trieste

LP (lokalni potniški vlaki) train to Villa Opicina in Italy

The alternative to train here is Flixbus

363 035

541 110

541 107

Renault Transport

MV (Mednarodni vlaki) train to Rijeka in Croatia
342 001
342 023
Class 342 is manufactured by ASGEN (later Ansaldo)

342 025

541 102

It's getting dark, I change platforms to get the best shot of the train
193 594, InRail S.p.A.

541 013


193 286
Ljubljana by night

Main station in Ljubljana
Class 610, DMU
All freight trains are passing by here as well

Ljubljana Tivoli station is located in central Ljubljana

Some videos of through trains in Tivoli

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