Sunday, February 12, 2023

Slovenia - part 2

Today, I'm heading north on the line Trieste - Vienna
EC 158 Zagreb-Vienna is passing by here
193 723, SZ - Slovenske železnice

Slovenian Pendolino between Ljubljana and Maribor

193 822, Adria Transport d.o.o.

363 019

Here comes a bunch of locomotives

The utilization of the line from the port of Koper is very impressive, there are almost 25 trains per day only to/from Koper, and there are also trains from Italy and further to Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.
363 022

Wagons of this train are from Metrans, Prague

SŽ class 312/317 is the Siemens Desiro EMU from 2000-2002

MV SŽ / IC START 247 "Citadella" from Ljubljana to Budapest
Class 342 is used until Hodoš, then the locomotive is switched to MAV Class 431

There is one Hungarian wagon on this train, Bbdpmz with space for bicycles

363 034

EC 151 "Emona" Vienna-Trieste

363 015

193 286, LTE and Tailwind shipping (a subsidiary of the Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG)

Cats are out today

541 003

363 016

ICS Pendolino train from Ljubljana to Maribor

541 106

Another Pendolino

363 023

Flirt train to Maribor

Intercity from Budapest to Ljubljana

Something must have happened on the line because no trains are operating further south from Poljčane

Siemens Vectron is dominating the international routes here. It's strange but I have not seen a single Bombardier Traxx locomotive, which is usually very common in many other countries

Wagon from Slovakia

Slovenska Bistrica

Having a meal along the road

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