Saturday, February 11, 2023

Slovenia - part 1

This time, I'm on my way to Slovenia

Landing in Ljubljana
Central Ljubljana

Today I will be checking out Südbahn, the railway between Vienna - Spielfeld-Straß - Trieste
Morning in Ljubljana, the view from my hotel
When the weather is good, it is possible to see the Alps
I'm visiting the section between Ljubljana and Rakek, which is southbound
Even though it is South Europe, it is a bit chilly here
SŽ series 510/515 is the newest EMU in Slovenia. They are operating the lines since 2021
The EMU is the Stadler Flirt 
A freight train is coming
193 761 from SETG - Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH

Most trains here are on the way to/from the port of Koper, so does this one too together with the wagons from Milsped AML
This time is BMW cars
International train MV 481 "Opatija" from Ljubljana to Rijeka
Class 342 is an older Italian locomotive from 1970s
Two 2nd class and one 1st class coach on this train

Notranje Gorice

This section is now a single track due to rail modernization
One of the most common freight locomotives in Slovenia is the French Class 363 manufactured by Alstom in the 1970s
They are a total of 39 locomotives of this type, and they only operate within the Slovenian borders

Container trains are going between the port of Koper and Hungary

Another 363 at Preserje

At Verd I can spot this 193 286 from LTE Logistik- and Transport- GmbH
And by the way, here is much more snow
The highest point on the line is obviously near Semmering in Austria, but on the Slovenian section it is here around Logatec, about 500-600 above sea level

It is popular to place old steam locomotives next to the stations here
JZ 17-086 is an old Hungarian steam locomotive

The new EMU is prepared to operate both in Croatia (25kV) and Austria (15kV)

363 019


363 024

1293 013

541 106 is a Slovenian version of Austrian ÖBB 1216
This one has country packages: SZ, A, HD, D, H

541 005

363 028

541 013 "Almdudler"

541 101

541 006

Here they meet

There is also a version that supports Italy, on the other hand, Italy has the same electrification as Slovenia 3kV DC. There is a fleet of 32 locomotives of this type

541 004 and 541 015

RockTainer ORE

342 022 is back from Rijeka

Regional train to Sezana

Another international train, this time it is the EC 135 "Emona" from Trieste to Vienna
342 022
3 coaches from ÖBB are going all the way, in Ljubljana more coaches will be added on the way to Vienna

541 021, 541 110, 541 019
193 767, probably from Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH 

It has support for D, A, I, H, CZ, SK, HR, SLO, RO

On my way back to Ljubljana
Last stop at Ljubljana Dolgi Most, I was faster than the train

541 017

View from Ljubljanski grad

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