Thursday, February 2, 2023

Czechia - part 4

More photos from the winter in Czechia
Somewhere in Czechia

Railway line Prague–Děčín, Záluží station

Not only Skoda locomotives here
1293 074 with country package: A, D, I, H, CZ, SK, HR, SLO

189 158 with country package: D, PL, SLO, SK, A, CZ, H

121 038 is a Škoda 43E

123 021

184 502, Škoda 93E in Horní Počaply
Only 4 locomotives of this series were produced

Elektrárna Mělník
Class 123 in Štětí, which is just on the other side of the Labe river
Back in Horní Počaply
Class 753 from PKP Cargo

Metrans on the way to Prague

Class 123 and BLG logistics car transport

The next day, I'm on the other side of Prague, further to the east. Hlízov is a station near Kolin. Here is a train from Slovakia

Class 380 

RegioJet with Class 386

ÖBB Railjet from Vienna to Prague
There are also some freight trains here

193 586 with country package: D, A, NL, SK, PL, CZ, H

388 218, Alstom Traxx (not Bombardier anymore)
Just 4km away is another railway and the station Starý Kolín
Also here there are trains from Slovakia

186 368, EP Cargo

Pendolino trains are using this railway

On my way back to Prague, I'm stopping at one of my favourite stations - Stratov
383 413

Now the weather has changed rapidly from bad to very bad

So, I give up for today
Instead, I will explore Prague with metro and trams
Střížkov area in Prague

Taking the tram

Praha-Holešovice station

Night train to Zürich will depart soon
The train is now taking a different route, before it was taking the route through Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Now it is taking the route through Germany, with stop in Leipzig among other places.


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