Sunday, May 15, 2022

Varzo, Vogogna, Stresa, Brig

I'm on my back to Zurich from Domodossola

Domodossola has regional services to Milan, operated by Trenord. Also, there are regional services to Brig and Bern operated by BLS
There are 3 stations in Italy between Domodossola and the Swiss border, which can only be accessible by BLS service. Today I'll visit one of them - Varzo
BLS RABe 535 at Varzo
Varzo is located 529m above sea level
There are two platforms, one on each side, but only one is used 

193 317 and 193 331 on the route to Domodossola

At the rear, there is a locomotive too

Varzo station

193 259 and 193 463

The incline from Domodossola to Varzo is 259m on the route of 12km
So, it seems to be necessary to have two locomotive at the front and one at the rear in order to go up

Eurocity train from Switzerland

It is possible to get to the other side by walking under the railway

I'm not going to Switzerland yet
First I'm going to visit two stations at Domodossola-Milano railway

Taking the new ETR521 "Caravaggio" train to Vogogna

By accident I found out that there is a strike today on the Trenord network. The good thing though is a strike in Italy does not mean that all trains are cancelled, so I will actually be able to go according to my plan


BLS Cargo Traxx MS

Between Domodossola and 3 stations including Vogogna, there are two railways in parallell with each other
This is the single track railway Domodossola-Novara

I'm taking the train to Stresa
Stresa turned to be a really nice place for a visit

I was just about to leave the station for a visit in town, when I heard a freight train coming

Stresa is located at Lago Maggiore

Yesterday I was visiting the other side of the lake, at Pino Tronzano and Maccagno

Vectron number 500

Waiting for my next train at the station bar
Now, I'm taking the Eurocity train direct from Stresa to Brig

Snacks and beverages are available on this train

Arriving at Brig

Still some snow in the Alps

Brig is one of my favourite towns in Switzerland
Glacier Express is terminating here

Now I'm on my way from Brig directly to Zurich airport, taking the new railway, while the train I can see here is taking the old railway

The train was very crowded between Bern and Zurich, I think there was a football game or something
Finally, I'm at the airport
Today I'm flying Business Class, as it was a cheap Saver ticket
Using the business lounge 

There are places to rest and maybe take a nap

In Business class, you get served food and drinks


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