Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rosenheim, Langkampfen, Matrei, Campo di Trens, Chiusa-Klausen, Desenzano

Traveling marathon is continuing, I'm on my way to Italy again 
Still long queues in Arlanda
Expensive food at the airport

Flight spotting at the airport


Today I will be taking the trains through Brenner railway to Italy
Walking from the hotel to Munich Ostbahnhof station

Nightjet from Venice/Zagreb/Budapest - in some days I will be arriving with this train from Venice
Croatian railway wagons

First, a train to Rosenheim

The next passenger train is for Venezia S. Lucia. Maybe this freight train is heading there too...

Eurocity Brenner with ÖBB Taurus
This one has made a world record

At Kufstein, I'm changing for a regional train

A wide range of locomotives in Kufstein

S4 to Telfs-Pfaffenhoten
I've arrived at Langkampfen, just south of Kufstein

Nightjet to Innsbruck


More of Lokomotion

At Wörgl I'm changing trains again

Brenner pass is already close

Once again, the Lokomotion train

Arriving at Brenner

It's full here today, trains everywhere
Campo di Trens



Taking the Frecciargento train from Bolzano

Microwaved lasagne is available for purchase onboard

Changing trains in Verona


Class 494
Arriving in Brescia
My hotel is close to the station

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