Monday, May 23, 2022

Großkarolinenfeld, Aßling, Thessaloniki

I'm arriving on the night train from Venice, in Bavaria. Before arrival in Munich I'm going to visit some familiar stations between Rosenheim and Munich, then I'll fly to Thessaloniki
This is the night train I arrived with
It has wagons from Venice, Zagreb and Budapest

Freight trains on the route from Munich towards Austria, Hungary and Italy

193 599, ecco-rail


193 211, ecco-rail

The new 9 Euro ticket is coming soon to Germany
Another Nightjet, this time from Rome and Milano

193 610, WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH

186 106, TX Logistik AG

Third Nightjet for today, this one from Hamburg and Amsterdam to Innsbruck

It is possible to bring cars on this night train from Hamburg

193 555, TX Logistik

Now it is time to fly from Munich to Thessaloniki. It would of course be nicer to take a night train, but there is no such possibility

The only way to take off the mask on the place is to purchase something eatable on board

Thessaloniki is the second largest town in Greece, even though I'm here on a business trip, I have some time to check out the local trains
Sindos (Greek: Σίνδος) station is located close to Thessaloniki
There are both long distance and local trains passing by here
OSE class 460, Greek version of Siemens Desiro

The locals

Intercity train arriving from Athens 
TRAINOSE class 120, Hellas Sprinter

OSE Class 621, Bombardier MAN2000 diesel train
The New Thessaloniki Railway Station is the main central passenger railway station and terminal of Thessaloniki. It was inaugurated on 12 June 1961
Before Corona, there were international connections to Skopje (Macedonia) and Sofia (Bulgaria). They were not restored yet, and it is unfortunately unclear if they ever will be restored

The station has lockers

It is possible to walk by the sea in central Thessaloniki

Saint Gregory Palamas Holy Metropolitan Church

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