Saturday, May 7, 2022

Neuhaus/Gail, Gemona del Friuli, Venzone, Ugovizza Valbruna

I'm based in Villach, and since it is near the Italian border I will continue traveling along the Rudolf railway in Austria and later at the Pontebba railway in Italy.
Villach main station

I'm at the Neuhaus/Gail station 
383 209, ZSSK Cargo

The weather is not very nice today, but it's warm
There is only one Regional train between Austria and Italy, and it is the one called Micotra. Also, there are Railjet trains, but they are not of interest to me, since they do not stop at most stations I'm interested in
In the morning, this train is arriving from Italy, and after a quick turnaround it will head back from Villach to Italy, so I will catch it soon.
370 031, PKP Cargo

This is transport from Łódź Kaliska to Piacenza
The train is hauled by PKP Cargo until Tarvisio Boscoverde, where it will be taken over by GTS Rail
Cargo wagons from Codognotto
The line is a bit congested before Tarvisio

At Arnoldstein I will be catching Micotra train
ZSSK Cargo is back with petrol wagons

The station is under construction
193 242, WLC - Wiener Localbahnen Cargo GmbH

MI.CO.TRA. stands for – Miglioramento dei Collegamenti transfrontalieri di trasporto pubblico. 
The locomotive is from Ferrovie Udine Cividale

The train is not very crowded, only 2nd class here

I'm in Italy, and the railway here does not have frequent services, so today I will be visiting only a few stations, here is Gemona del Friuli

The train has 3 seat cars, and one car for bicycles

I have found a place with espresso
Some PKP Cargo locomotives can enter Italy too

The railway Tarvisio-Udine is from 1875, but since 2000 it has been completely rebuilt. The new railway has 10 tunnels, where the longest is 9.2km

Besides the Micotra there are Regional Italian trains between Udine and Carnia, some trains continues to Tarvisio
Railjet Vienna-Venice does not stop between Villach and Udine

The Italian version of the Vectron, Class 191

Here it is, GTS Rail taking over the PKP Cargo train
Class 483, is the Italian version of Traxx

This train is probably heading to Trieste, where there is a large harbour

ETR 563 from CAF is operating the line
Arriving at Venzone station

Just like the other Alpine railways, this one is offering some scenic views if the weather is allowing that

193 589 from Alpha rail leasing company

Visiting the nearby town which is a bit cozy

Tagliamento river
Class 652


Not many passengers on Italian train either
Ugovizza Valbruna

This is one of the completely rebuilt sections, the station is located between two longer tunnels

193 492, HUPAC / WRS Deutschland GmbH

Class 652

Class 191

Class 494

My train back to Austria

Arriving at Villach Warmbad

KärntenTherme Warmbad-Villach is a spa bath facility that opened in 2012. Due to the rainy weather, I decided to pay a visit here and I was very pleasantly surprised by how fresh and modern this place was
After the visit, I'm heading back to Villach

Back at my hotel, which was also a pleasant surprise. Affordable and fresh

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