Friday, August 6, 2021

Trautmannsdorf a.d.L., Wilfleinsdorf, Bratislava Železná studienka, Bratislava Lamač, Helmahof

I'm back in Vienna, today I will be traveling around through Bratislava, and later be taking another night train to Berlin.
Vienna in the morning

I'm traveling along the Ostbahn, or Raaber Ostbahn. Here is Ventus Class 4744, Desiro ML regional version.
The Raaberbahn or GySEV is a Hungarian-Austrian railway company based in Sopron, Hungary. The company is a joint enterprise of the states of Hungary (65.6%), Austria (28.2%), and a holding belonging to ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways (4.9%). In Hungary it is called Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút (GySEV), in German it was called Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurther Eisenbahn (ROeEE) until 2008 when it changed to its name to Raaberbahn. (Wikipedia)
RegioJet,  a.s. is a private Czech provider of passenger rail and bus transport. The company Student Agency, owned by Czech businessman Radim Jančura, is the sole owner. A sister company of the same name, with its registered office in Bratislava, is an operator of passenger rail and bus transport in Slovakia.
The company operates bus routes around the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and to another 90 cities throughout Europe, and operates rail routes around the Czech Republic, Slovakia and operate routes to other European cities, such as Vienna. (Wikipedia)
193 214 with RJ 1032 from Budapest to Prague

Katholische Kirche Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha (St. Katharina)

Railjet trains operate the line to/from Budapest

Nearby there is Vienna International Airport

1293 196

189 934

193 222 with another RegioJet

EC 140 Hortobágy with two cars from Ukraine, and the rest from Záhony to Vienna
470 001

WLABm cars from Kyiv. The train leaves Kyiv at 14:07 on the previous day, it is traveling through Lviv to Budapest and Vienna

193 233 from ELL and ecco-rail GmbH

187 322 from Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo

1142 635 from Northrail GmbH

Former Südostbahn Revvivo cars on the way to Hungary where they will be used by MÁV Rail tours

185 045 Traxx AC1

Huge wind power stations here in eastern Austria

186 365 Traxx MS2e from Akiem and HSL

Train from Slovakia
And Slovakia is a place where I'm heading next
I'm taking REX train to Bratislava-Petržalka
Bratislava Petržalka is the the southern station of Bratislava

The border between Austria and Bratislava is located just next to Bratislava's southern district

Ventus train at Petržalka station

Bratislava-Petržalka railway station is a station in Petržalka, the southern part of Bratislava. The station was built in 1897. The station was rebuilt in the 1990s as a terminus for international trains to and from Vienna, which restarted in 1999 after having stopped in 1945. Shuttle trains between the station and Wien Hauptbahnhof operate approximately once per hour.
The station is a connection point between the southern Slovak 25 kV/50 Hz electrification and Austrian 15 kV/16.7 Hz. (Wikipedia)

There is a choice of coffee at the station
From Petržalka I'm taking a local train to the main station
383 201, Vectron MS
This is a regional train to Senec station, ZSSK Class 671

Bridge over Danube river

People walking on the rails
Arriving at Bratislava Nove Mesto station
The train I was taking is heading east, so I need to change trains here to get to the main station

Freight trains are passing by here too
1293 190

The train to the main station

Actually, I could have taken a bus directly from Petrzalka to main station - it would be much faster. But I'm a train fan so it has to be by train, even if it takes much longer time

Main station
From the main station I'm taking another local train one stop to Studienka station
Bratislava Železná studienka railway station is a small railway station (technically a train halt) inside the Bratislava Forest Park recreational zone in northern Bratislava, Slovakia. The station is still in use, although few trains stop here nowadays. 
Until 1947, the train station was called Červený most (Red bridge in English). From 1947 to 1951 it was called Bratislava - Červený most. In 1951 it received its current name Bratislava - Železná studienka. It is named after the area it is situated in - Železná studienka (Little iron well in English). The name comes from the fact, that in the past people thought the water source here was rich in iron and minerals, but 19th century analysis showed the water here is not mineral.
The current train station was established in 1904 under the name Bratislava - Red Bridge (in German Rote Brücke, in Hungarian Vörös híd), being named after the nearby bridge. The waiting room and station-guard's house, both from 1904, are culturally protected. (Wikipedia)

The line is of great importance, connecting Bratislava with Czechia and Austria

383 214 from SPaP (Budamar Group)

Škoda 47E (Class 240)

ÖBB 2016
There are many ways to photograph trains
383 011

386 203 with a RegioJet train

EN 1253 from Bratislava to Split. The train departs at 15:51 and arrivies at 09:46 following day

193 584

Škoda 109E

Bratislava Lamač station
I'm still located within the great Bratislava
RegioJet from Bratislava to Prague
386 203 is a Traxx F140 MS
Same type of locomotive (Class 386) is also used by Metrans which I'm going to see here soon

EffiLiner 1600 from Unipetrol

Here it is, 386 040 from Metrans
The train is most probably on the way to Dunajska Streda intermodal terminal

I'm on my way back to Austria, changing trains here at Devinska Nova Ves station

The old fashion way to board the train

I'm not welcome here
Austria is very close, just one stop and I'm in Marchegg 

Helmahof station

Life is a beach

Dramatic clouds after the rain
This is Nordbahn - The North railway that runs from Vienna to Břeclav. It was built by the Emperor Ferdinand North Railway company as a part of the Warsaw-Vienna railway. 

1142 646 from Grampetcargo Austria

Manne quins
RegioJet from Vienna to Prague

I'm back in Vienna - at Praterstern station

Nightjet train to Berlin 
The train has cars for Warszawa 


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