Saturday, August 21, 2021

Viby Sjælland, Sorø, Odense, Middelfart

Stockholm can be beautiful in the summer too, but this weekend I'm going to Denmark, as I still have two days left of my Interrail pass and I can't use it in Sweden.
View of my home town

From one bridge to another
Copenhagen central station main hall in August 2021 - hosting World Pride this year
I'm back at Viby Sjælland, as I was here just a month ago
I don't have to wait long until I see a freight train
It's 241 009 "Moneypenny"

At Sorø station I spot TX Logistik train 
TX Logistik is usually operating the trains to/from Trelleborg and then by ferry to Germany, but I guess the ferries will be gradually replaced by the Denmark route

185 408 and 185 417
TX Logistik is one of the largest freight rail companies in Europe, it was founded in 1999 in Germany, but since 2011 is it 100% owned by Italian state railways. The operations to/from Sweden started in 2004.

There has been rail works in Denmark through all summer, later today there will a closure too.

At Sorø station, there is a cosy cafe
Vectron from DSB

EG 3109

Another Hector Rail, this time from Germany to Sweden

241 007 "Die another day"

After crossing the Great Belt, I make a stop at Langeskov
The was closed between 1982 and 2015

EG 3101

Preparations for the railworks
Odense station

IR4 with updated colours

185 325

After checking in at my hotel, I'm heading to Middelfart

TMY 1134
At Middelfart it turns out that I took the last train for today, there are no trains back to Odense
At least there is nice view 
Luckily there are replacement busses

I'm on my way back to Odense, not as comfortably as on a train


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