Sunday, August 15, 2021

Katrineholm, Vingåker, Norrköping, Töreboda, Örebro

I'm back in Sweden, and this weekend I'm visiting my favourite spots
At Katrineholm, I'm waiting to see Hector Rail train arriving

Samskip terminal at Katrineholm
HR 46682 arriving 132 minutes late
241 010 "Yoda"

GC 4467 to Hallsberg

More international freight trains in the area, DB Cargo 35350 to Rosersberg passing by Vingåker

Two Germans are meeting here in Vingåker
243 001

"Yoda" is now on the way to Hallsberg
GC 5162 from Norrköping to Hallsberg is stopping at Vingåker

ER1 Mälartåg at Norrköping
TXL 39519 with a transport of new ER1 

DB Cargo 97348 with a transport of MZ 1453 to Kristinehamn
The transport is done with an EG locomotive, which is normally only seen around Malmö area

A day later, I'm traveling with Flixtrain
Windows can be opened but only 5cm, not enough to stick out the head or a camera
Unlike SJ, Flixtrain is allowing bicycles on the train
"New" locomotives have arrived in Hallsberg
There is an increased demand for freight trains, specially for the operators like CFL Cargo and RRS, so these Traxx locomotives will be used for the new routes

DB Cargo is returning from Rosersberg today, I hope to see it in Töreboda
Here it is, 185 327 in Töreboda

Göta kanal in Töreboda

In Örebro I'm having a lunch during "Smaka Örebro" food festival
Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson was a Swedish nobleman, rebel leader and statesman of German ancestry. He was the leader of the Engelbrekt rebellion in 1434 against Eric of Pomerania, king of the Kalmar Union. Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson was the owner of a mine and ironworks in the historic mining region of Bergslagen. He was from the parish of Norberg (Norbergs socken) in Västmanland. His family originally came from Germany, having migrated to Sweden in the 1360s. (Wikipedia)

Exhibition at Örebro castle 

It is about history of dressing of Swedish royalties

Executive room at the castle

Outside there is a party too

On my way from Örebro to Stockholm through Hallsberg

Tågab train to Stockholm

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