Sunday, August 1, 2021

Barcelona, Port Bou, Cerbère

It is time to leave Barcelona, and I will do it with the night train as well. It departs later in the evening from Cerbère in France, so I have time to visit Barcelona again during the day
Today it will be my 5th night train on this trip, and I still have 5 more. In 2024 it is planned to have a Nightjet train between Barcelona and Zürich, so it will be even better in the future.

I'm on my way to Park Güell
There is a great view over the town from the park
Sagrada Familia

Alstom Civia suburban train
Later during the day, I'm in Port Bou
It was supposed that the night train would depart from Port Bou, but due to some unknown issue, the train departs instead from Cerbère, while no Spanish trains would run through the tunnel either. So, I have no other choice than to walk, which I've done before. It takes about 40 min

Basically I have to climb over a hill

It is somehow funny that in 2021, the main international road between Spain and France is this one...

I can spot Cerbère

There is also a road for cars, but it would take more time to walk here

Same car as before

There is no power socket in the compartment, only in the corridor

Yes, the compartment can be locked from inside

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