Thursday, January 6, 2022

Villach, St. Johann im Pongau, Zurich

Sometimes it's not going according to the plans, and it has happened to me today
Waking up in the morning and expecting to see the green Italy, instead I see a snowy Villach in Austria
It turned out that due to the snow storm the railroad through Tarvisio is closed for all trains
I've always wanted to visit Villach but maybe not at 6 in the morning in January

The train was supposed to depart from Villach at 01:34 and now it's almost 7 in the morning
All my plans for the day are ruined as I was supposed to take trains from Milano to Zurich and later in the evening the night train to Amsterdam. I have to be in Zurich today, so I decide to not wait for the cleaning of the tracks through Tarvisio and take another route to Zurich. Thanks to Interrail I can change my plans on the fly

Bye-bye Villach, see you later in Spring
I'm now on the Railjet from Villach, enjoying my breakfast

I have to take the detour through Klagenfurt as the railway through Spittal is also closed due to snow

At Leoben I'm changing to TransAlpin Eurocity which is heading to Zurich

I'm having the pleasure of being on board the #ConnectingEurope Express wagon
This wagon was one of several European cars traveling through Europe as part of #EUYearofRail
Warm train, good view
And tasty Austrian cake

I can continue with this train for another 6-7 hours, or take a faster route through Salzburg and Munich. Also, I can visit St. Johann im Pongau
So, I say bye to Transalpin train here
Freight trains are also stuck due to bad weather
Here is a Lokomotion train with 2 Vectrons, this will be the only freight train I see today

Now, I'm heading to Salzburg

Replacement train instead of DB Eurocity

From Salzburg to Munich I'm traveling on Railjet Express


EC 98 to Zurich
The last time I traveled between Zurich and Munich, it was a diesel-hauled coach train, now the railway is fully electrified and there are tilting Pendolino trains

I'm almost alone in this coach

Arriving at Zurich 
NJ to Hamburg

NJ to Amsterdam

The day is not over with surprises, it turns out my sleeper coach is missing on this train, and the staff has no idea where it is

I'm advised to be in the seat car until Basel

So, far there is only one couchette car which is full, and some seat cars

At Basel, more coaches are attached to the train, but still no sleeper car
In the end, I manage to arrange a couchette compartment, not as comfortable as a sleeper but still better than a seat car to travel all night

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