Saturday, January 8, 2022

Jübek, Tarp, Sorø

Last day of my New Year trip 21/22 
Breakfast in Neumünster

Train to Flensburg

Jübek station

Regional train Kiel-Husum
Bombardier Twindexx Vario

Of course, when I arrive in Tarp, the freight train is just leaving the station 

Changing to Danish train here
I have reserved a seat
Police passport control

Complimentary coffee, cakes and water in 1st class
Vending machine on board the train
Stopping by at Sorø
Here I have better luck

Hectro Rail train to Germany


Changing here for the train to Stockholm

New X2000 trains are already in service on the Stockholm-Göteborg line
Dinner on board the train
A longer stop in Eslöv due to malfunction on the railroad ahead


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