Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kilsmo, Laxå, Karlstad, Vretstorp, Skänninge, Katrineholm

It's winter, and I'm back in Sweden (at least for a while)
Visiting my favorite places in Värmland, Närke, Östergötland and Södermanland

GC train to Nykvarn

Wild animals near Brevens bruk

Lake Sottern near Kilsmo
It's calm, relaxing and cold
DB Cargo train to Roserberg

GC to Hallsberg


CFL Cargo at Örebro Södra

Today, there is more typical weather for January
GC to Göteborg

CFL Cargo in Örebro
119 010

Tågab near Ölme


185 416, from Bure - now sold to Sandahlsbolagen
Karlstad Central

Heading to Hammarön, near Karlstad to view the lake Vänern

Karlstad in the winter


T43 107

187 401 from Tågab at Väse

Tågab has now a modern locomotive that can be used at Botniabanan, equipped with ERTMS

Same train at Svartå

193 965, Hector Rail - on the way to Skövde

One of the upgraded X2 is here

CFL Cargo to Hallsberg

Laxå Herrgård

Flix train at Laxå

Another one

Rc4 1164

Car charger in Laxå - a positive surprise even though I don't have an electric car

Taipei-London, China airlines

CG to Eskilstuna

CFL Cargo to Piteå
119 004

Trainspotting in Vretstorp

RRS to Göteborg

GC to Göteborg

Skänninge, Östergötland

RRS to Helsingborg

GC to Malmö

GC to Hallsberg

DB to Hallsberg

HR to Skärblacka

T66 713

Size difference between T66 and ER1

DB Cargo to Rosersberg

Unit 45

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