Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Guéthary, Saint-Jean-De-Luz

Following morning, I'm ready to head to France and later on to Austria
Breakfast at the hotel
Just like many other border crossings, the rail connection between Spain and France is horrible. The commuter train has the end station at Irun, which is about 3km from the nearby Hendaye in France. The railway is there, and could have been possible to have at least some trains between Spain/France, but no.
So, I have to go to the station of Ventas de Irun which is the closest to the Euskotren 
But it's not easy to change between Renfe station and Euskotren, last time I missed my train because I could not find the way

Here it is, Euskotren station just next to the railway, but without an easy exchange possibility
Euskotren is not part of Interrail, but it is the only option to get to France

From Hendaye there are direct trains to Paris, but first I will visit two more stations


Guéthary station
The station is located just next to the Atlantic Ocean

Freight train to Spain 
E 186 331, Euro Cargo Rail 

Class Z51500, Regiolis Intercités 
This train is used on the route Hendaye-Toulouse

St Jean de Luz station

E 186 311, Euro Cargo Rail

SNCF has removed the option to book Interrail seat reservation on their website, however it is possible to do that at the ticket machines, so no need to queue at the ticket office. 
The train I'm about to take is still available, however the 10EUR quota is filled, so the remaining tickets costs 20EUR per seat.
Boarding the train to Paris

Traveling at high speed

Before my night train, I'm having a dinner next to Gare de L'est

Gare De L'est

Time to board the Nightjet to Vienna

Finally it is possible to travel with a night train from France to other countries

185 552, from MRCE Dispolok GmbH is hired to SNCF

This locomotive is supporting operations in France and Germany

My compartment today
The menu for breakfast 

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