Saturday, May 8, 2021

Laxå, Mariedamm, Linköping, Katrineholm, Kungsör

Today it will be a little bit of everything, C30, Flixtrain, Hector Rail, TX Logistik...
When riding with Stockholm metro, it is possible to spot this advertisment
The new C30 metro car from Bombardier is here
C30 can be spotted on red line of Stockholm metro, on the route Ropsten-Norsborg
The new train has green/red led at each door, indicating when the door is opened/closed
Not so many seats in the new metro car, but more space for standing passengers

WWF painted X2 train at Stockholm C
Next day I'm outside Stockholm, spotting trains at my favourite spots. Here is SJ 460 Uddevalla-Stockholm passing by in Laxå

Starting in May 2021, a new train operator is offering services on the route Stockholm-Göteborg. Here is 243 002, aka 193 924 Vectron AC from BRLL/HectorRail/Flixtrain
Flixtrain is the third operator besides SJ and MTRX on this route. 
Older german cars, refurbished by Talbot are used by Flixtrain. Totaly 15 cars arrived in Sweden earlier in April. Initially, each train has 4 cars, but it will probably be more as the customers will discover the new low-cost service. Checking the ticket prices three weeks ahead, Flixtrain offers prices 129SEK (in the morning) or 229SEK (in the evening), MTRX 185SEK (in the morning) or 359SEK (in the evening), SJ Snabbtåg 445SEK (in the morning) or 585SEK (in the evening) on the same route.
Another Flixtrain, from Göteborg to Stockholm is spotted here in Laxå
Flixtrain has only one class (2nd), no bistro, but there is a possibility to bring bycicle. The trip takes roughly same time as the competitors 3h30min (the fastest non stop SJ service takes 2h52min). There are 3 stops, in Södertälje, Hallsberg and Skövde/Falköping. 
243 001, aka 193 923 is the second Flixtrain painted Vectron. HectorRail is operating the locomotives here in Sweden.
I will come back to Flixtrain in future posts with more photos also from inside.

Now I'm on my way from Västra Stambanan to Godsstråket i Bergslagen. Passing through Åmmeberg which had once a standard gauge railway connected with Zinkgruvan. It was 11km long and had no connection with other railways. The railway was in use between 1863 and 1975 (information taken from Wikipedia)

Here is an old depot from the railway

Not far from Åmmeberg is Mariedamm. Here is Railcare 74567 with TMZ 1408

X51 9023
The house next to the railway near Mariedamm is being demolished, making way for the new double track 
The house is basically splitted in half

I'm on my way to Linköping, this time taking a scenic route through Borensberg

Linköping old town, strangely located a bit away from the centre. Most buildings were transported here from central Linköping in the 50s

Linköping Cathedral


HR 28528 Trelleborg-Katrineholm, today 763min late

241 006 "Calrissian"

Freight train has to stop here and let SJ Intercity train pass

At Katrineholm I can spot Flixtrain once again
Flixtrain is not stopping here, hence can take the fast track without access to platform

ER1, Stadler Kiss Dosto on the route Linköping-Sala

SJ X2 train, temporary repainted with WWF livery

Tågab 33690 Kristinehamn-Kjula is passing by in Kungsör
Rc2 002

Same train, shortly after leaving Kungsör

Torpa church outside Kungsör

TX Logistik 44474 Folkesta-Malmö at Kungsör
185 682


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