Saturday, May 29, 2021

Grythyttan, Åmål, Ed, Mellerud

Today is a wonderful today, it is sunny and warm. Besides, I will spot plenty of CargoNet trains that usually operate during the night in this area. 
The first CN train is spotted in Grythyttan, Örebro county
This train was difficult to identify for the stretch Borlänge-Kil, it was numbered as 66953 between Ånge and Borlänge, and later as 58867 between Kil and Brålanda. 
185 712 and 185 709

CN 69701 at Skatviken

El16 2211

From Örebro county, I'm traveling to Dalsland and the station of Åmål
Tågab 48812 Vänerexpressen
CN 58867 is now in Åmål. Railway through Charlottenberg/Kongsvinger is closed, so all trains to/from Norway have to take the route through Kornsjø

Freight wagons that belong to Tågab

CN 69701 following shortly after 58867
Rc2 1052 and El16 2211

I'm on my way to Ed, the last stop before Norway, here is a T44 329 at Billingfors station


Usually, this station is served by NSB (now Vy) train services between Göteborg and Oslo. Since the pandemic started in 2020, all passenger services between Sweden and Norway have been suspended, it is still unclear when they will resume, there are rumors that it will happen in October 2021.
Västtrafik is using their own trains for the service operating to Ed, here is X14 3225
GC 15533 from Norway to Kil, and later up to Narvik as North Rail Express
Rc4 1288 and 1154
There is a small platform which I'm standing at

I guess this train driver is tired of me, I'm seeing this train for the third time today. On the other hand, this proves that train operations are not so fast compared to the car. This train was also changing direction in Brålanda before reaching Ed.
Anyway, with this weather and train circulation today - it was worth going all the way to Ed

Bäckefors station - I will come back here a bit later
Not far from all these places is lake Vänern
Vita sannar near Mellerud looks like Mediterannean sea today 
With this clear view, I can see all the way to the other side and the Kinnekulle hill - a distance of about 50km

Mellerud station and the old railway hotel

X52E at Mellerud

GC 5551 from Grums to Göteborg

Rd2 1116

Tågab 48483 from Falköping to Kristinehamn

Rc2 008

GC 9010

Rc2 1042 and Rc4 1302

A third CN train from the north today, this is CN 63197

185 714

CN 17785 from Oslo to Kil spotted near Bäckefors
185 692 and 185 683
Now, I've seen 5 Traxx locomotives from CargoNet today

Bäckefors station located between Ed and Brålanda at the railway to Norway

CN 69742 from Trelleborg to Oslo

El16 2204 and 2214

CN 63197 on the way to Oslo

I'm back at Mellerud station, it is getting late, but it is still sunny and light

Värmland Bro station


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