Saturday, May 15, 2021

Rosengård, Västra Ingelstad, Ale's stenar, Östra Grevie, Falsterbo, Trelleborg, Hjärup

Day 2 in Skåne, today I'm visiting south part with some scenic places
The old warehouse in Trelleborg harbour is now a modern hotel. 
From the window, I can view the trucks that are transported with boats and trains

66m² large painting is hanging inside the lobby of Magasinet terminal building, created by Johan Falkman

A cat at Kronetorps Mölla near Malmö
The cat was very nice until it started to bite me

DB Cargo Scandinavia 36688 at Rosengård station

EG 3101

DBCS 36669

EG 3107

GC 6229 and Rd2 1124

Västra Ingelstad
GC 45517

Rc4 1162 and 1280

The southernmost point of Sweden - Smygehuk.

On the way to Sweden's Stonehenge

Ale's stones located near Kåseberga

Sandhammaren - probably the best beach in Sweden

CN 34380 at Östra Grevie

El16 2211 and 2203

Not done with scenic visits for today, now it's time for Falsterbo and Skanör

The place has also a very nice beach

Stavstensudden near Trelleborg
The place has a scenic golf area
There is also a monument commemorating the disembarkation of Karl XII after his return to Sweden in 1715

HR 73649 on the way to Trelleborg in Hjärup
241 012 "Chewbacca"

TXL 33991, also to Trellebrog
185 674
TXL has the unusual transport of a Norwegian train
It is the new bimodal Type 76 from Stadler that are being tested both in Norway and other countries


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