Friday, May 14, 2021

Bjärnum, Västra Ingelstad, Skytts Vemmerlöv

Today I'm traveling south to Skåne
Lagan station, and the discountinued Skåne-Smålands railway

Bjärnum at the Markarydsbanan has reopened the train station in 2010

Skånetrafiken service from Hässleholm to Markaryd stops at Bjärnum

Markarydsbanan is operated by passengers trains only until Markaryd, while the freight trains continue to Halmstad. Here is GC 4154 Malmö-Halmstad
Rm 1260

This time of the year, almost all Sweden is covered with a distinct yellow colour. It is the rapeseeds that are blooming
I have reached Skåne, and I'm on the way to Malmö and later Trelleborg

Time for a swim in the sea at the Ribersborg kallbadhus public bath. The temperature in the sea is just about 10C, but together with sauna it's not feeling so cold

Östra Grevie station

GC 45514 at Västra Ingelstad

Rc4 1147


Kontinentalbanan is a short, 32km long railway between Malmö and Trelleborg

Arrie church

X61 at Skytts Vemmerlöv
Trains do stop here but there is no platform

CN 41972 
185 692 and 185 711

There are churches basically everywhere here

Östra Grevie church

TXL 44100 to Eskilstuna has just left Trelleborg


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