Friday, March 5, 2021

Runsala, Jönköping, Falköping, Örebro

I'm on my way to Närke
This time I'm taking a bit unusual route through Södertälje hamn and Södertälje syd stations

The old railway and the new 


Solar panels on the roof of the Södertälje depot are producing 80 watts at the moment and 373773 kWh in total.
The train from Södertälje centrum to Gnesta

Södertälje Syd station lower platform
Upstairs are the long-distance platforms 

Next morning, I'm taking a trip through Närke, Småland, and Västra götaland counties
DB Cargo Scandinavia 44980 to Hallsberg
185 329 
The train is approaching Hallsberg from the south

Not far from Hallsberg is Åsbro
TX Logistik 44250 to Bro 
185 674

Green Cargo 4190 north of Rönneshytta

Rc4 1197

Hector Rail 40970

441 001

Green Cargo 5613

Rc4 1280

TX Logistik 26480 to Folkesta
185 679

Rastplats (Rest area) Vista kulle 
Lake Vättern

Jönköping seen from Vista kulle
CFL Cargo 31194 from Jönköping to Göteborg

Rc4 1159

Same train at Bankeryd station

The same train again at Sandhem

Green Cargo 9050
Rd2 1118 and 1093

X53 3266

X52 9040

CFL Cargo train continues to Göteborg


Hector Rail 61960 to Falköping
T43 214

Green Cargo 5540 to Eskilstuna

Rc4 1141

CFL Cargo 49543 from Gamlarp to Göteborg

Rc4 1156

Rc4 1152

193 253 from Snälltåget is working for Hector Rail here in Skövde

Tågfrakt 49600 to Göteborg

Rc4 1146

Boeing 777-336 from Shanghai to London
Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from London to Nagoya

Green Cargo 9411 at Töreboda

Rd2 1089


TX Logistik 44253 to Malmö

Green Cargo to Eskilstuna

Örebro Södra

CFL Cargo 49501 to Göteborg
185 686


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