Saturday, March 13, 2021

Gårdsjö, Töreboda, Herrhult

Today I will spot two CFL Cargo trains at Gårdsjö and Herrhult
Gårdsjö is a small station in the northern part of Västra Götaland region. There is a small platform for Västtrafik trains between Hallsberg and Mariestad. Today, the station is used also for loading a cargo train.
CFL Cargo train 26978 will depart later today from Gårdsjö to Dynäs and the paper industry located there
It is not often one gets a chance to come that close to a cargo locomotive (without breaking any laws).
187 400 
SJ night train from Umeå/Duved is passing by
SJ 10067 is 80min late today
Rc6 1401

RRS 42953, also from Umeå to Göteborg

Rc4 1285

X40 at Töreboda

Green Cargo 66346 to Hallsberg
Rc4 1150

SJ 84308, passenger train X61 heading to Hallsberg for maintanance
X61 from Västtrafik is usually operating the commuter services around Göteborg

The railway between Skövde and Karlsborg has not been in use for many years
Tibro station 

I'm moving on from Västra Götaland to Värmland to spot another CFL Cargo train today
It is train 49261 from Insjön to Göteborg, taking the Bergslagsbanan railway
Rc4 1159 in Herrhult

Still some snow in Värmland, but the spring birds have already arrived from the south


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