Sunday, March 14, 2021

Frövi, Vedevåg, Örebro

Today I'm visiting the northern part of Närke/Örebro county
I'm on the way to Frövi
Green Cargo 9093 is on its way to Karlshamn
Rc4 1312
The train is transporting gas from the harbor of Karlshamn to SSAB steel productions in Borlänge

Frövi station, recently renovated

Hector Rail train from Frövi paper industry is ready to depart

SJ Rc6 1364 is parked here
Former building of Frövi hotel

Railway bridge over Fröviån river

Hector Rail 40981 is ready to depart 

Today the train is hauled by 241 012 "Chewbacca"
This train is heading to Hallsberg where it will be coupled with more wagons and later continue to Malmö and then Hamburg
There are plans to expand the railway yard in Frövi, and make it possible to extend the current trains from BillerudKorsnäs Frövi paper industry with more wagons
Also, it looks like Hector Rail will be replaced with Green Cargo on this train route soon

Green Cargo 66369 from Borlänge to Malmö and Trelleborg

Rc4 1276 and 1269

Tåg i Bergslagen train passing over the bridge in Frövi

X52 9068 in Vedevåg

Green Cargo 9130
185 412 from Bure is hired on this route
The former "Rush Rail" logo can still be seen
Green Cargo 9133 in the opposite direction
185 410
Here they meet

The city bus has now got a serious competitor
Green Cargo 5690 to Ånge
Rc4 1306 and 1147

Green Cargo 5775
Rc4 1275 and Rd2 1095

Green Cargo 5869
Rd2 1033 and Rc4 1267



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