Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lindesberg, Kopparberg

Today I'm visiting Bergslagen area.
Lindesberg station
Green Cargo 5672 to Borlänge

Latest fashion in Lindesberg

TiB train at Storå
Green Cargo 45513 to Malmö

At Skäret, there is an Opera
The Opera has its own station for the charter trains from Stockholm
Green Cargo 5753 to Göteborg

Still ice on Övra sjön


Green Cargo 9133 to Oxelösund
Re 1434 and Td 381, 378

Green Cargo 9130 to Borlänge
Today with only one locomotive and 185 410 from former Rush Rail, now rented to Green Cargo from Bure

Nearby there is a national reserve named Kindla
The plan was to visit Kindlahöjden, but due to still large amounts of snow, I picked another spot named Kalklinten

Stråssa mining seen from Kindla

I made it

Train back to Stockholm

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