Thursday, May 21, 2020

Murjek, Nattavaara

This time I will visit two stations I haven't visited before, located in the north of Sweden.
 To get to Murjek and Nattavaara I have to a night train, so I'm leaving Stockholm in the evening.
 In Stockholm, it's already warm temperatures, but soon I will be seeing some snow again.

 Night train 92 to Luleå is already waiting at Stockholm C
 I'm taking the train that will be split at Sundsvall, one part will go to Duved in Jämtland, the other to Luleå.

 Leaving Stockholm


 In the morning, it is beautiful weather

 I'm waking just when the train has left Vindeln and soon will be arriving at Bastuträsk

 Green Cargo / SSAB train from Luleå with Mb locomotives


The train is on time and there is a longer stop here in Bastuträsk, so I have time to view Rc6 1332



ARE train 41919 is waiting to let the night train pass


Still some ice up here

The largest wind power plant in Europe is currently being built here in Markbygden outside Piteå. There are already 283 constructed by 2020, and there will be totally 700-800 by the end of 2023.
The wind power plant will produce 10-12 TWh, which will cover 6-8% of the total power consumption in Sweden.
NRE train 4005 is waiting in Koler
This train has the same route as the ARE train but Green Cargo as the operator.

Stor-Teuger lake

Another ARE train 41905


Night train 92 continues to Luleå. I'm changing to train 96 for further trip to Murjek.

LKAB train 9955
Normally the freight trains wait for the passenger ones, but up here it's the other way around.
IORE 115 and 105

Gold wagon
Just as I expected there are not many passengers leaving the train here

The passenger train would stop here anyway, as there is another LKAB train passing by

IORE 112 and 129

At the station, it is possible to read some books

The monument with Article 19 of "Universal declaration of human rights" in different languages, created by the artist Eva Stina Sandling, Porsi. There are other monuments with other articles in Jokkmokk, Vuollerim and other places
The tourist map of Murjek

In 2015 there were 44 inhabitants in Murjek
Still, the town has both a road and railway
This petrol station was in use once
Murjek church

Train 4375 from Aitik to Skelleftehamn

Rc4 1313 and 1251?

The train is called Aitik shuttle, and it is a collaboration between Boliden and Green Cargo. Aitik shuttle transports copper concentrates from the Aitik mine in Gällivare to the Rönnskärs plant in Skelleftehamn. The finished copper cathode is transported by the Copper shuttle from Rönnskär to Helsingborg, where it is shipped onward to various end-customers. (Source)

My journey continues to Nattavaara with Norrtåg 7162
X52 9042

The train has a cafe onboard
Arctic circle

Norrtåg at Nattavaara
X52 9042

The first thing I see here is not a human but an arctic hare

Nattavaara is slightly bigger than Murjek, 144 inhabitans

Now I could get closer to the animal

Living a dangerous life here next to the tracks

Train 9959 to Luleå

IORE 118 and 106

There is a grocery shop here but it was closed today. In 2017 an SJ train got broken here while it was -40C. It was too cold to send the replacement bus, so the passengers had to wait for a rescue locomotive for hours. The local citizens and the staff from the grocery shop brought warm drinks and snacks which was highly appreciated.
Today it's not -40C, in fact, the weather is fantastic, completely wind still.

Råne Älv

ARE train 41914

185 709 Traxx

From Nattavaara station there is a railway track almost 2km to the west
It is electrified but looks much abandoned
It may be warm in the air, and much of the snow is gone, but an attempt to come closer to the lake resulted in fall deep in the snow. There have been extreme amounts of snow this winter up here
The lake is full of birds which produce a lot of noise

SJ Intercity train arriving at Nattavaara, I will take it back to Boden
All passenger trains do stop both at Nattavaara and Murjek
Rc6 1386


The view from the hotel

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