Saturday, May 2, 2020

Herrhult, Brattforshyttan

Today I'm visiting Herrhult and Brattforshyttan.
 There are not many trains on this railway between Kil and Ställdalen, but today I will spot 3 of them.
 Train 16936 from Sävenäs to Borlänge
 My first stop is at Herrhult station (former)
 Rc4 1166 and 1265

 Not far from Herrhult is Nykroppa
 Here it is possible to find some old trains

 Train 41648 from Grums to Hällefors
243 112 Vectron

 Back at Herrhult

 Train 41932 from Oslo (Alnabru) to Narvik
 ARE trains are taking this route usually instead of the longer route through Hallsberg
 185 700 Traxx


 Not many goods on today's train, maybe because of the corona

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