Friday, May 22, 2020

Katterjåkk, Vassijaure

Today I will continue the trip further north to Katterjåkk.
 Boden station in the morning

 SJ B1320 

Re 1434 and 1438 at Boden

 SJ Intercity arrives from Luleå

 I will be taking this X52 9016 to Kiruna

 Passing by Nattavaara again


 IORE train

 IORE 126 and 122



 From Kiruna I'm taking a rental car to Katterjåkk. There is a train station in Katterjåkk but due to Covid-19 no trains are going to Norway this year. Also, it happened to be very nice weather this time I'm up here, so it was worth the money to rent a car.
 My first stop after leaving Kiruna is at Rensjön
 Rensjön station
 Rensjön means reindeer lake, and it didn't take a long time until I could see some raindeers

 Torneträsk station was built at the time of the electrification for Malmbanan railway in 1912-1914. The building worked as a combined station and transformer facility. Identical stations can be found in Abisko and Vassijaure and they were designed by Folke Zettervall.

 The station still has a platform but no trains are stopping here anymore.

 E10 is the only road up here

 Torneträsk lake

 At Stordalen I can see an IORE train
 IORE 130 and 117


 Katterjåkk bed and breakfast will be my hotel tonight
 This time of the year it is fully booked for the ski tourists, and it seems that Corona has not scared away the tourists
 The station is located just next to the B&B
 Usually, all passenger trains stop here, but not this year
 I'm visiting nearby Vassijaure station

 IORE 110 and 124

 Inside the station, there is a waiting hall

 Kopparåsen is a nearby station

 IORE 114 and 119

 Famous view over Lapporten


 Back at Vassijaure. There is an underground passage, but nobody seems to use it

 IORE 113 and 123

 Back at the B&B, there is a common space for the hotel guests. The rooms are very small and there is a shared bathroom.

 IORE 132 and 103

 IORE 102 and 133 at Katterjåkk
It's 22:12 and it is 22nd of May - the midnight sun is already here for almost two months from May to July.

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