Sunday, May 24, 2020

Göteborg, Lund, Skänninge

The night train I took the previous day was bound for Göteborg, so today I'm waking up somewhere near Falköping.



 The blue car is coming from Duved

 It was sunny in the north, it is cloudy in the south

 I still have to go back home to Stockholm, but this time I'm taking a round trip through Lund.


 At least somebody is enjoying this weather.



 Birds are visiting money exchange office

 Exotic birds in Lund

 Face masks are not mandatory in Sweden, however somebody thought it is necessary to put them on a statue.

 X61 in Lund
 X2 train from Malmö to Stockholm

 I'm not ending the trip yet, at Mjölby I will change to a local train to visit the station of Skänninge

 X61 "Östgötapendeln"

 Train 40971

 441.002-5 Eurosprinter

 Train 5266
 Rd2 1117

 UNIT45 container


 Train 40972
 Rc3 1039 and 1061

 Train 5611
 Rd2 1118

 Train 45513 to Trelleborg

 Rc4 1174 and Rd2 1079

 At Linköping I'm taking the train back to Stockholm
 I was visiting Skänninge since there are many freight trains passing by there, here in Linköping I was not expecting to see any, and suddenly I could see this train 9847 to Malmö.
 It is a post train with Rc4P 1295

 Snälltåget 3942
 193 245 Vectron

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