Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tågab from Kil to Stockholm (through Borlänge)

Today I'm travelling back from Degerfors to Stockholm. The trip that would have taken around 2 h today will take much longer time. This is due to the closure of the railway through Hallsberg this weekend. I will instead take a bus to Karlskoga and Karlstad, then trains to Kil and finally Stockholm.
 Degerfors station in the morning
 It is 7:47 in the morning, the first scheduled train on the board is first at 15:15 to Laxå. No trains to Stockholm or Karlstad today.
 Besides the closure in Hallsberg, there is also a closure of the railway between Kristinehamn and Karlstad.

 First bus will take me from Degerfors to Karlskoga

 Karlskoga bus station
 A stop for long distance busses

 Nettbus Bus4You is operating the line between Arlanda and Karlstad

 Bus stop in Karlstad

 Karlstad train station

 The first train is from Karlstad to Kil


 Arriving to Kil

 This train continues to Göteborg

 The next train is arriving from Göteborg. This train 7066 is usually taking the straight route to Stockholm through Hallsberg, today it is travelling through Borlänge instead.

 Rc3 1066

 The train is taking Bergslagsbanan which is usually only used by freight trains between Kil and Nykroppa.






 Svartsången that I was visiting the other day




 At Kejsarbackan our train is stopping for a passing freight train



 A small station here at Skäret for visitors to the Opera

 Seems that there has been a fire here




 Håksbergs gruva mining facility


 Arriving to Borlänge

 Here in Borlänge, it is necessary to change the train direction, so there is a longer stop

 The train is ready to depart




 Dalabanan railway is usually operated by SJ Intercity trains







 Approaching Uppsala


 X55 at Uppsala



 Post terminal in Roserberg

 Final stop - Stockholm

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