Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ängelsberg, Stockholm

Today I'm travelling near Stockholm - to Ängelsberg. As well I will show some photos taken from the tower of City hall in Stockholm. It is open for visitors during the summer, and it has a great view of the railway nearby.
 First, a trip to Ängelsberg - here passing by the bridge over Mälaren in Kvicksund.

 Strömsholm castle
 At Virsbo, it is possible to view the old industrial community

 Strömsholm canal

 Ängelsberg sculpture park is a nice place to visit for art lovers. I've been here some years ago, now there are more art installations

 Nearby is the area of large forest fire in 2014

 To get inside the City Hall tower, a ticket has to be purchased same day. It is possible to stay inside for around 30 min (including the time it takes to get up and down by stairs).

 While taking the stairs up, it is possible to view the interior of the tower.

 Central station can be partially viewed from the tower

 SJ Regional train




Time is up, I could not catch the complete Snälltåget train.
 Since I was unable to take more photos last time, I went up again later same day - this time I could stay during longer time thanks to the kind manager of City Hall visitor centre.


 X2 and X55
 SJ Regional with Rc6 on both ends for faster change of direction

 X74 MTR Express

 Double X2

 Stockholm metro and X2 train

 Flixbus to Linköping

 Between the two groups time slot it was almost empty up in the tower, except this bird

 Globe arena

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