Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fåglavik, Borgstena, Hultafors, Kungsbacka

This weekend I will visit west coast and Småland county. First I'm taking a train to Degerfors.
 Tågab train from Stockholm
 Rc3 1057

 2 hours later I'm in Degerfors

 Train 48805 from Bålsta to Norway passing by in Svartå
 Rc2 002
 This Tågab train is transporting freight wagons from Benders - which is a Swedish construction company

 Train 47528 from Vislanda to Kristinehamn

 Rc2 001

 Train 45966 from Norway to Hallsberg
 Rc4 1189

 Train 45943 from Frövi to Norway
 Rc4 1309 and 1271

 Train 45948 Norway-Hallsberg

 Train 616

 Train 5662 Grums-Hallsberg

Following day I'm on may way (this time by car) south west. Here is Regumatorp near Skövde.
Sjogerstads church

Torbjörntorp church
X2 train passing by near Bäckabo
Mösseberg view point in Falköping
Falköping freight rail yard

Locomotives from Hector Rail and Nordic Re-Finance are parked here
Tågab too

Västtåg X50 3290

Blå tåget with 143.060 "Jernsida"

In 2018 Fåglavik station was listed as cultural heritage building together with some other stations in Sweden.
Fåglavik station was constructed in 1858

I'm turned off from Västra Stambanan railway, and now travelling along Älvsborgsbanan part Herrljunga-Borås, here visiting Brobacken.

This railway is equipped with ATC (Automatc train control) but has no remote traffic control, and has to be controlled manually from Ljung and Fristad.
Usually there is only non-frequent service with Västtåg between Borås and Herrljunga/Uddevalla.
X14 3224


It can't be many passengers on this station, Torpåkra is a really small village with just few houses

Mollaryd is also a small village

Since 2015 there is a small library at the station


X14 3229 arriving to Borgstena

Former Sparsör station
Now travelling along Kust till kust banan (Coast to coast railway) and here is Gånghester
Gånghester station connected the KtK railway with BUJ (Borås Ulricehamn Järnväg). The latter one was operated until 1985, and later was dismounted.

SJ Regional train 336 from Kalmar to Göteborg

Rc6 1386

Hillared station is a typical building along the former BAJ (Borås-Alvesta Järnväg) railway.

Seems that this building needs some repair
Travelling now towards Göteborg, here is Sjömarken station


X14 3229 earlier seen at Borgstena

There is a non-frequent Västtåg service between Borås and Göteborg on this line.

One of the most beautiful stations along this line is Hultafors
The building is now used by the local community association (bygdegård)

Hultafors station was designed by Yngve Rasmussen and it was constructed in 1909

X14 3227

Bollebygd station

SJ Regional from Göteborg to Kalmar passing by in Rävlanda
Rc6 1422


Information about a new law prohibiting smoking at the stations

Moving on from Rävlanda to Lindome, which is located at the Västkustbanan
Lindome station is operated by Västtåg service Göteborg-Kungsbacka

Former Lindome station building

Visiting Anneberg station


Former Anneberg station

Hede station opened in 1992 and had just two platforms. Last year a station building was constructed.

Modern station

I'm staying the night in Kungsbacka, the station is seen from my window. The Swedish flag is raised due to the National day the 6th of June.

Kungsbacka station

Öresundståg train is stopping here. This train has number 11111
X2 as train 99655 Göteborg-Malmö


Train 9736 Varberg-Uddevalla

Rd2 1115

Train 4158 Malmö-Sävenäs

Rc4 1304

Beer from Berlin in Kungsbacka

Train 5513 Sävenäs-Halmstad

Train 5930 Halmstad-Norway

Rc4 1147

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