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Åsa, Veddige, Laholm, Hässleholm

Today I will follow the West coast line (Västkustbanan).
 Starting in Fjärås, a station that was operated until 1972

 Västkustbanan was originally consisting of 5 different railways, from the middle of 80's it has been modernised partially, today there are only 2 remaing single track parts left, through Varberg and Helsingborg. Between Göteborg and Lekarekullen (seen here) the railway was rebuilt to have double tracks in 1997.
 Ölmevalla church
The railway part between Frillesås-Lekarekulle opened in 2004. Åsa station opened in 2013
 Åsa station is operated by Öresundståg and Västtåg in rush hour. There are no services here during weekends

 In front of the train is the 1,8km long Åsa tunnel

 Train 5521 Sävenäs-Halmstad
 Rc4 1138

 Åsa town is located a bit away from the new station. Previously the railway was passing through the town right here.

 The old Åsa station
 Once there were trains here to the right

 Varberg to Frillesås part was upgraded to double track at the end of the 90's
 Former Frillesås station

 Södra Cell Värö paper industry
 Paper industry has its own railway track connected to Västkustbanan
It is planned that a new train station will be built either here or a bit north of Väröbacka town. It will be opened in 2026.
 The old railway was passing through two bridges over Viskan river. Here is the first one. The new railway is now located to the right (can be seen here).
 The second bridge.

 The new railway bridge

 Bridges and the old railway path are now used for bicycles

 Former Åskloster station

 Seems that there was a pizzeria here once
 Åskloster station and former location of the railway
 The new railway is located close to the old one

 The sea is close here
 I'm now taking a short detour to Viskadalsbanan and Veddige station

 Veddige station was constructed in 1920

 The railway is not automated, and has to be controlled manually, which is done from Veddige station among others.

 Since the railway is controlled manually, it is practical that two trains are meeting here. This train is arriving from Varberg.
 X12 3216
 Another train is arriving from Borås.
 X12 3219

 A person working for Trafikverket has to give green signals to the trains.

 I'm back to Västkustbanan. The part between Torebo (near Falkenberg) and Heberg (near Varberg) was modernised in 1993. As a result two former stations was now skipped by the new stretch: Långås and Tvååker (here on the photo).
 It has been now 26 years since the railway was passing here and there are hardly any traces left here.
 Former Tvååker station

 Långås has not station building left, but it should have been somewhere here before.
 Near Långås I can spot train 9038 from Halmstad to Sävenäs.

 Rc4 1174
 The new railway was located next to E6 highway for most of the route between Falkenberg and Varberg.

 At Torebo I can spot train 14044 from Malmö to Göteborg

 Rm 1259


 The old railway through Falkenberg is to the left here, while the new railway is located to the east of the town.


 After Falkenberg, the railway is passing near Heberg (the station here on the photo). The railway between Heberg and Torebo was located through central Falkenberg until 2008 until the bypass double track railway was constructed.

Heberg station seen from a bridge nearby
 Near Heberg I spot train 49599 from Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Karlshamn.
 Rc4 1158 from NRFAB, while the train is operated by CFL

 Slöinge church far away

 Train 5154 Malmö-Sävenäs

Rc4 1312

 The new railway between Halmstad and Falkenberg was constructed during many years. Halmstad-Brännarp in 1985, Brännarp-Öringe in 1989, Öringe-Heberg in 1995 and finally Heberg-Torebo in 2008 as I mentioned earlier. Here am I passing the old railway route in Getinge.

 Street name is reminding of the old railway.
 Former Getinge station

 Former railway path

 Visiting Brännarp where the first part of the modernised railway was constructed in 1985.
 Infranord maintenance vehicle LMV

 Rävinge church

 X55 in Brännarp

 Between Brännarp and Halmstad the new railway took a route next to E6, leaving stations as Harplinge (on the photo), Söndrum and Gullbrandstorp away from the railway.


 Railway between Halmstad and Eldsberga was upgraded to double track in the 90's. Here I'm visiting a place near Trönninge. A tower is located here to view the nearby bird reserve.
 Hallandsåsen hill
 Trönninge church

 X31 in Kistinge

 At Eldsberga the old railway strech is to the left here on the photo, while the new one (to the right) between Eldsberga and Båstad was constructed in 1996. The old strech to the left is also the the railway called Markarydsbanan. The new railway left behind stations as Skottorp, Vallberga and Laholm.
 Eldsberga station
 Since the opening of the Hallandsås tunnel in 2015, there is a rush hour service Pågatåg to Halmstad.
 I'm on my way to visit Laholm and its former station

 Lagan river
 Laholm power station

 Former railway bridge in Laholm

 Former Laholm station, the new one is located 3,5km away

 City hall

 The old railway path

 E6 high way passing over the Hallandsåsen hill
 The old railway was passing through the hill as well, until the opening of a long tunnel in 2015
 Båstad new station

 Entrance/exit of the tunnel

 Båstad old station
 The track is gone (to the left here)

 View from the Hallandsåsen hill

 The old railway was passing through Grevie

 New station in Förslöv

 I'm done with Västkustbanan for this time, and now I'm on my way to Hässleholm, here passing by Spannarp and Söderåsbanan

 View from my hotel in Hässleholm
 I can even see the station from here
 The hotel
 At the end of the day I will spend some time at the station of Hässleholm
 Hässleholm is one of busiest stations in Sweden except for the big cities. The reason is that the station is connecting the railways from 5 different directions.




 Train 9290 from Helsingborg to Älmhult

 Rc4 1313

 Train 64071 Borlänge-Malmö

 Rc4 1173

 Train 42204 Helsingborg to Luleå

 Rc4 1303

 Train 44203 Bro-Malmö


 Train 14174 Malmö-Borlänge
 Rc4 1269

 Train 9729 Nässjö-Varberg

 Rd2 1077

 Train 40971 Hallsberg-Malmö

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