Thursday, April 25, 2019


Waking up in the cabin of Nightjet
 Breakfast is served in the cabin

My train has arrived to Wien Hauptbahnhof
 Siemens Desiro from Gysev

 The change of locomotive was made at night on the Italian/Austrian border. This ÖBB Class 1116 locomotive was hauling the train until Vienna.
 Also our train was connected with another one from Milano
 The hotel I'm staying at
 The guy that was serving the dinner and breakfast

 Vienna metro

 It's a beautiful day once again, and today I'm visiting the highlights in Vienna
 Schönbrunn Palace

 Hietzing station
 Tourist tram

 Hundertwasser House

 Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas

 View from the hotel room


 Desiro train operated as Cityjet S-Bahn

 Belvedere Palace

 Heroes' Monument of the Red Army


 Neue Burg

 Wiener Pestsäule

 St. Stephen's Cathedral

 Jesuit Church

 Nightjet model train - more expensive than the ticket

 Vienna Operahouse


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