Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Venice, Rome

When I'm waking up in the morning around 8, I expect to see Italian landscape passing by, but instead I see that our train is standing still at Milano Centrale, around 2 hours delayed.
 When asking the conductor for the reason I was told that the other train in the opposite direction was delayed, thus leading to that the exchange of locomotives at the Italy/France border was delayed.
 Later I could get a compensation of 25% from Thello for this delay. It is worth mentioning that Interrail is not valid on Thello trains, however there is a discount, in case of Premium cabin it was 50% of the full price.
 Thello train at Milano Centrale
 So far I had a very lucky weather conditions, but today it is completely different.

 The coach is refurbished in 2008

 Couchette cabin

 Trenitalia app is showing the real time information for the train

Not very nice weather forecast for Venice
 View from the last coach
 Railway yard near Verona

 Verona Porta Nuova

 Arriving to Venice

 Venezia Santa Lucia station

 This is the locomotive that is used on the Italian side - FS Class E.402

 After leaving the luggage at the nearby locker storage - it is time to visit Venice. It can be problematic to find an official locker in Italy - I can recommend "Stow your bags" service, where it is possible to pre-book a locker.

 Water is everywhere

 Piazza San Marco

 Ponte Di Rialto

 Back to the train station, from where I'll take a train to Rome

 Until very recently it was possible to book a seat reservation on Trenitalia website - which I did in advance for my next train. Unfortunately Trenitalia has removed this option now, the only way to book a seat is at the station or at the travel agencies, e.g. Italiarail

 I did book a seat well in advance, and it was supposed to be Frecciarossa 1000 train. Seems that it is common that Trenitalia is replacing the train type without notifying the passenger, in this case the train was replaced by a Frecciargento train.
 Later on I got a confirmation from the train manager that another seat was assigned to me.
 ETR 600

 Some hours later, I'm in Rome
 ETR 485 and ETR 600 at Roma Termini
 No rain here in Rome

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